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Basic Info
Approved Symbol ADCYAP1R1
Symbol Alias "PAC1|PACAPR|PAC1R"
Approved Name adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide 1 (pituitary) receptor type I
Name Alias PACAP receptor 1
Location 7p14.3
Position chr7:31052461-31111479, 1
External Links HGNC: 242
Entrez Gene: 117
Ensembl: ENSG00000078549
UCSC: uc003tcg.3
No. of Association Results 19 (Positive: 8; Negative: 11; trend: 0)
Annotation Type Literature-origin, Mapped by Literature SNP, Mapped by LD-proxy
Gene related association results
Normal genetic study related association results (count: 19)
Reference Phenotype Marker Gene's Category
Wang, L.,2013 Anxious arousal symptoms rs2267735 Non-significant
Wang, L.,2013 Avoidance symptoms rs2267735 Non-significant
Ressler, K. J.,2011 Dark enhanced startle rs2267735 Significant
Rothbaum, B. O.,2014 Diagnosis of PTSD at week 12 rs2267735 Significant
Wang, L.,2013 Dysphoric arousal symptoms rs2267735 Non-significant
Wang, L.,2013 Emotional numbing symptoms rs2267735 Significant
Ressler, K. J.,2011 Fear Discrimination rs2267735 Significant
Uddin, M.,2013 Past month PTS severity rs2267735 Non-significant
Uddin, M.,2013 Past month PTSD rs2267735 Non-significant
Ressler, K. J.,2011 PSS hyperarousal score rs2267735 Significant
Ressler, K. J.,2011 PSS total score rs2267735 Significant
Nievergelt, C. M.,2015 PTSD rs6968349 Significant
Ressler, K. J.,2011 PTSD diagnosis rs10081254 ; rs10241138 ; rs10268647 ; rs10269014 ; rs10277350 ; rs11979764 ; rs12670977 ; rs12670991 ; rs1541516 ; rs1541518 ; rs17159861 ; rs17723231 ; rs1981701 ; rs2041568 ; rs2267727 ; rs2267733 ; rs2267735 ; rs2267737 ; rs2267738 ; rs2267740 ; rs4503014 ; rs741051 ; rs7784067 ; rs7786118 ; rs7804302 ; rs7804958 ; rs7805043 Significant
Solovieff, N.,2014 PTSD diagnosis rs10226318 Non-significant
Solovieff, N.,2014 PTSD severity rs2284225 Non-significant
Almli, L. M.,2013 PTSD symptom severity rs2267735 Non-significant
Wang, L.,2013 PTSD symptoms rs2267735 Non-significant
Rothbaum, B. O.,2014 PTSD symptoms at week 4 rs2267735 Non-significant
Wang, L.,2013 Reexperiencing symptoms rs2267735 Non-significant
G*E study related association result (count: 1)
Reference Phenotype Environment Marker Gene's Category
Uddin, M.,2013 Correlations between chlidhood maltreatment and past month PTS severity Childhood maltreatment (CM) rs2267735 ; rs6968349 Significant
Gene functional annotation
Gene related GO terms (count: 32)

Gene related KEGG pathways (count: 1)

Gene related interactors from protein-protein interactions data in PINA v2 (count: 1)