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Basic Info
Name rs2734833 dbSNP Ensembl
Location 11:113422198 - 113422198(+)
Variant Seq A
Ancestral Allele G
Ref Seq G
Minor Allele Frequence 0.313299
Annotation downstream_gene_variant; upstream_gene_variant; intron_variant; non_coding_transcript_variant
Variant Effect downstream_gene_variant(ENST00000542616); upstream_gene_variant(ENST00000539420); intron_variant(ENST00000543292, ENST00000544518, ENST00000346454, ENST00000535984, ENST00000362072, ENST00000542968, ENST00000538967, ENST00000540600); non_coding_transcript_variant(ENST00000535984, ENST00000540600)
SIFT Annotation deleterious_-_low_confidence; deleterious
SIFT Variant Effect deleterious_-_low_confidence(ENST00000362072, ENST00000544518, ENST00000542968); deleterious(ENST00000538967, ENST00000346454, ENST00000543292)
PolyPhen Annotation benign; possibly_damaging
PolyPhen Variant Effect benign(ENST00000362072, ENST00000346454, ENST00000544518, ENST00000543292, ENST00000542968); possibly_damaging(ENST00000538967)
rSNP? Yes Link in rVarBase
Related Regulatory Elements TF binding region
Chromatin State Weak transcription
No. of Marker's Association Results 1 (Positive: 0; Negative: 1; Trend: 0)
Source Literature

SNP related association results
Normal genetic study related association results (count: 1)
Reference Phenotype Statistical Values Author Comments Marker's Category
Duan, Z.,2015 PTSD diagnosis Allele dose analysis model: P-value=0.48; Dominant effect: ...... Allele dose analysis model: P-value=0.48; Dominant effect: P-value=0.91; Recessive effect: P-value=0.52. More... No significant results. No significant results. Non-significant

SNP related genes (count: 1)
Approved Symbol Approved Name Location No. of Association Results (Positive/Negative/Trend)
DRD2 dopamine receptor D2 11q23.2 18(11/7/0)

SNPs in LD with rs2734833 (count: 52)
The LD data used here is based on 1000 Genome Phase I. LD SNP pairs were selected with a threshold r2<=0.8.

Literature-origin SNPs (count: 1)

LD-proxies (count: 51)

SNP related eQTL (count: 1)
Gene Symbol Gene Existed in PTSDgene? Tissue Trans/Cis Source
SKA2 Yes Adipose Subcutaneous cis GTEx