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Basic Info
Citation Mustapic, M., et al. (2007). "Dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH) activity and -1021C/T polymorphism of DBH gene in combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder." Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet 144B(8): 1087-1089.
Phenotype Chronic PTSD
Trauma Combat
Study Design Case-control
Study Type Candidate gene association study
Sample Size 133 PTSD and 34 controls
SNP/Marker Size 1 SNP
Predominant Ethnicity Caucasian
Population Croatian
Gender No more detail information.
Age Cases:mean age=40.3 years, SD=7.2. Controls: mean age=38.12 years, SD=4.2.

Detail Info

Genetic result reported by this study
Normal genetic result reported by this study (count: 1)
Marker Phenotype Related Gene Statistical Values Author Comments Marker's Category
rs1611115 Chronic PTSD DBH Genotype frequencies: X2=2.30; df=2; P-value=0.32; allele frequencies: X2=2.01; df=1; P-value=0.156. rs1611115, DBH genotype and allele frequencies were similarl...... rs1611115, DBH genotype and allele frequencies were similarly distributed between the two groups of war veterans. More... Non-significant