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Citation Olsson, A., et al. (2015). "Neural and genetic markers of vulnerability to post-traumatic stress symptoms among survivors of the World Trade Center attacks." Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci 10(6): 863-868.
Phenotype PTSS scores
Trauma 9/11 terrorist attack
Study Design Case-control
Study Type Candidate gene association study
Sample Size 17 survivors
SNP/Marker Size 1 Variant
Predominant Ethnicity Caucasian, Mongloid
Population 16 European American and 1 Asian
Gender 9 males, 8 females
Age Mean age=45.6 years, SD=12.

Detail Info

Genetic result reported by this study
Normal genetic result reported by this study (count: 1)
Marker Phenotype Related Gene Statistical Values Author Comments Marker's Category
5-HTTLPR PTSS scores SLC6A4 t(16) = 3.45, P-value=0.003, d=1.73 PTSS scores were significantly related to the 5-HTT genotype...... PTSS scores were significantly related to the 5-HTT genotype. The 9/11 survivors carrying the low expressive short allele (n=11) were characterized by significantly higher levels of PTSS than 9/11 survivors with the long homozygote version of the allele (n=6). More... Significant