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Basic Info
Citation Segman, R. H., et al. (2002). "Association between the dopamine transporter gene and posttraumatic stress disorder." Mol Psychiatry 7(8): 903-907.
Phenotype PTSD
Trauma Various
Study Design Case-control
Study Type Candidate gene association study
Sample Size 102 cases, 104 controls
SNP/Marker Size 1 Variant
Predominant Ethnicity Caucasian, Black, Mongloid
Population Ashkenazi, north Africa, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and other Asian
Gender Case: 9 males, 11 females, Control: 9 males, 11 females
Age Case: mean age=39.7 years,SD=11.7, Control: mean age=33.9 years,SD=10.2

Detail Info

Genetic result reported by this study
Normal genetic result reported by this study (count: 1)
Marker Phenotype Related Gene Statistical Values Author Comments Marker's Category
DAT_3'UTR_VNTR PTSD diagnosis SLC6A3 Allele frequency: X2=6.31, P-value=0.012. Genotype distribution: X2=6.1, P-value=0.047. Significant excess of 9 repeat allele was observed among PTS...... Significant excess of 9 repeat allele was observed among PTSD patients. An excess of 9 repeat homozygous genotype was also observed in PTSD. More... Significant